John Akers (1944-2006)

The Abita Springs artist John Akers was known for his unique style and palette. His prints and paintings are instantly recognizable regardless of where they are displayed. Jack, as he was known by his friends, produced wildlife scenes, bayou country works, oyster boats, shrimp trawlers, and peaceful waterways in ever increasing demand. He was also one of the few artists that still created copper plate etchings. Jack always stated that "Because  of my feelings for these subjects I am able to paint with emotion and realism. Most of the artwork that we carried by John Akers is sold out and very hard to find. Before he passed away we were fortunate enough to have him create six Official Louisiana Sportsmans Show Posters. They span from 2001 to 2006. In addition to the Louisiana Sportsmans posters there are a few other prints and etchings that we still have available.